About Scott Ideas

Scott Ideas is a brand building agency with offices in London and New York. 

Creative ideas are at the heart of everything we do. 

We work with clients to create and deliver innovative campaigns. 

Founded in New York, and grown out of London, we develop strategies that look to cultivate, nurture and strengthen our clients in a variety of ways. We focus on creative consulting, content creation, partnerships, events and brand campaign development to serve as a connector and ambassador for brands. We work with press, influencers, brand partners and beyond to create strategies that are tailor-made and thoughtfully executed. 

We have developed a style of communication that blends a New York work ethic with a London sensibility ensuring that we can drive a campaign forward with the manpower of a team, but remain as nimble, accountable and hands-on as an individual operator. Dedicated to remaining a boutique size, Scott Ideas partners will always remain fully involved across each and every client, supported by an international team of twelve. 

We don’t have a 'type’ of client. We have a type of founder or team that we want to work with. Each of the businesses that we represent have been started by someone whose ideas and ethos we admire, and who wish to work collaboratively with us. 

We are fortunate to ‘hand-pick’ the clients we work with ensuring a deep enthusiasm for each. No job is too small and no victory, major or minor, goes uncelebrated. Both the London and New York teams continue to work inter-territory ensuring a uniquely genuine and homegrown understanding of each brand whilst striving to build them in distinctive and contemporary ways. 

We love start ups and are especially proud of those we have incubated and worked with from their inception. Many of these are now globally recognized names and players across tech, hospitality, lifestyle, travel, luxury and finance. 

We are a petite company with an international view. Whilst Scott Ideas partners have lived and worked in the US, South East Asia, East Africa and the UK, the team speak a wide variety of languages enabling us to extend our campaigns to Central Europe and beyond, activating these as needed. International briefs are the norm for the majority of clients in the portfolio.