Guillaume Glipa, a name synonymous with some of London’s most celebrated restaurants (Chiltern Firehouse, Coya, Umu, Zuma) proudly reveals the details of his own debut, Louie - a joint venture with Laurent de Gourcuff, for whose "Pairs Society" group it will be the first venue to open in a London location. Drawing inspiration from several eras, Louie is named in honour of two key figures in the history of New Orleans and France - Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, and Louie Armstrong. Guillaume is joined by Slade Rushing as Executive Head Chef, Slade has curated a menu that embraces classic French gastronomy, New Orleans revisited Creole dishes, and New York culinary heritage. The design echoes a new form of luxury, it is simple and authentic, celebrating the modest. Louie is focused on providing guests with a memorable experience, drawing from the energy of New Orleans and combining this with London's unique sensibility, the pace of New York and finessed with a Parisian polish and celebration of tradition. 


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