Riley Studio

Riley Studio is an eco-innovative and gender neutral clothing brand on the forefront of the sustainable fashion industry. Founded by Riley Uggla, her and the team built the brand with the mantra “We Create from Waste” after meticulously researching solutions to the dramatic impact of traditional manufacturing.  They perfect everyday staples such as sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts as well as all-weather outwear and track pants. Pieces are designed and produced at the utmost quality, crafted from eco-innovative fabrics such as Q-NOVA® by Fulgar, ECONYL® yarn, Recover Yarn and rPET. To date, Riley Studio has up-cycled an estimated 2,000 plastic bottles from oceans and landfills across the world and by using recycled materials have saved approximately 3,219 litres of oil, which are important steps towards their goal of being a part of the circular economy.

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